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  • Welcome to Barrel Hunt

    People make the difference in your organization. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to sort through the clutter of unqualified candidates who respond to online job postings...

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  • How it Works

    One of our experienced recruiting consultants will discuss your selection process, job requisitions, and company culture in detail with your company representative. You will direct the contours...

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  • Benefits for Your Company

    Savings: Eliminate the cost of infrastructure, payroll, and benefits required to support in-house sourcing and screening staff. Efficiency: Maximize your recruiting budget by focusing on the most...

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Barrel Hunt Advantages

  • Speed: When you have an opening, you need it filled as quickly as possible. Our advanced use of technology, access to a wide range of recruitment resources, and extended coverage around the world ensure that we deliver results in the most expedient time frame.

  • Flexibility: Our services are available when you need them, and we can scale rapidly to meet your needs.

    Quality: Our deep understanding of your business, unique approach, and skilled researchers with years of experience help ensure that you meet your recruitment challenges.

  • Technology: We use the state-of-the-art technology and the latest Web resources to bring global talent to your organization.

    One-Stop Shopping: Our comprehensive lead generation, sourcing, and screening services help you find talent cost-efficiently and rapidly